Summer Swimwear Trends // 2019

This Summer swimwear is going bold and retro with belted high waist cuts, bold colors like yellow and adding lots of hardware like zippers. BIKINIbox want to take a minute to talk about our FAVORITE 5 trends that we are OBSESSING over right now. 

1. Feminine Ruffles

Don't ruffles take you back to your childhood? They make you feel like a flirty young girl again and that fun! We think swimwear should be fun and that's why we are loving this trend.

Pastel palm leaf print bikini set with ruffle bandeau bikini top, earrings , flat lay, BIKINIbox, blog


2. Bows & Knots 

Top knots, side knots, front knots, any type, we will take it! This trend is not only cute but functional. Knots can help adjust your swimsuits fit and we are all for that. 

Palm green knot front bikini top with side knot bikini bottoms and necklace, flat lay, BIKINIbox

3. Sun Protection / Rashguards

Safety first! Nobody wants a gnarly sunburn, especially after a long day of boating or beach play. That's why we are all about this rashguard trend. It's not just for kids anymore, adults are jumping on the bandwagon to save their skin.

Floral one piece rashguard with lace up front, flat lay, BIKINIbox, Swimwear trend 2019

4. High Cut Sides

Legs, Legs, Legs! Swimwear brands are bring up the cut on the bikini bottoms. We are loving this because this gives the illusion of longer legs and who doesn't want model length legs?

High cut bikini bottoms, BIKINIbox, swimwear trend 2019

5. Animal Print

Wild thing... you make my heart sing! So excited to see animal print, mainly leopard back on bikinis. This is quite possibly our FAVORITE 2019 swimwear trends and is coming soon to BIKINIbox and we cannot wait!

Leopard print bandeau bikini, BIKINIbox, 2019 swimwear trends, animal print bikini


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